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Maxx Furian was born in Milan on November 8, 1966. His first approach with the drums takes place at the age of 10 years when he begins to study with the famous teacher Enrico Lucchini.
Faithful to the jazz tradition, he develops various paths that lead him to become a real fusion drummer and to develop a strong personality, defined by himself Liquid Groove Drummer.
In 1993 Maxx moved to Los Angeles to study with Chad Wakerman. This experience will prove to be fundamental for his artistic inspiration.

He also specializes in R&B, jazz and funk grooves. In March 2002 he participated in the Memorial Tribute to Jeff Porcaro in Koblenz, Germany.
In the jazz field he has collaborated and still collaborates with Randy Brecker, Antonio Faraò, Mike Manieri, Paolo Birro, Federico Malaman, Alberto Bonacasa and many others.
In 1992 he founded the jazz trio “New Trio One” with which he participates in real festivals in Europe, records three albums and has a fourth CD in preparation. Another spectacular formation with which he plays is “La Drummeria” that sees 5 drummers of great level playing without other instruments. In 2010 he founded a band under his own name “Maxx Furian Timelin3” with Malaman and Bonacasa and began to bring the project around. Other recent projects are “Andrea Dulbecco Trio” (Tacchi, Furian), “The Thieves” (T.Ricci, M.Ricci, Tafuri, Furian) and Liquid Places (Negri, Birro, Senni, Furian).
In pop music he has collaborated with Laura Pausini, Nek, 883, Max Pezzali, Franco Battiato, Patty Pravo, Enzo Jannacci, Rossana Casale, Paola e Chiara, Luka Jurman, Fabio Concato and Ornella Vanoni.
For years he has combined his artistic career with teaching at the school NAM Bovisa in Milan with the creation and management of the course “Maxxima Drums”.


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