Tommy Massara


The Artist

Tommy Massara is the guitarist of the Iconic and Legendary Italian Metal Band Extrema, founded in 1985.
In its 35 years of history, the band released 7 studio albums, 3 EPs, 1 live album and 1 album collection of all those songs released as singles and never published in an album.
Tommy is the main composer of almost all the pieces of the band, a tireless Riff machine.
With Extrema has to his credit more than 1000 national and international shows, from small clubs to the big stages of some of the most famous European festivals.
Tommy started as self-taught and then deepened his studies privately with Andrea Ricca, known Milanese guitarist versatile and prepared that expresses the highest levels when it comes to Jazz.
From Andrea Ricca in addition to the notions of harmony also takes the versatility in addressing the writing of music, always trying to experiment with new approaches in composition.
Tommy over the years has also played as a turnist in the studio and live with various artists and projects, including Mauro Pagani, Rezophonic, Metal for Kids United, Pino Scotto and many others.
He has written, arranged and produced songs and albums for the following artists:

  • Pino Scott
  • Jade
  • Guilty Method
  • 7vite


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